David Baker smiling at the camera behind a microphone in a radio studio
“ A relentless journalist seeking answers to some of the biggest questions. ” Mark Leruste

David Baker is a writer, broadcaster, speaker and coach.

He worked for 12 years for the Financial Times, was the launch managing editor of Wired magazine in the UK and is a regular presenter on BBC Radio 4 and the World Service. He also teaches at The School of Life in London and São Paulo.

David specialises in using simple language to bring complex topics to new audiences and has a particular interest in the future of work and the effect of technology on human beings. 

His work has appeared in many publications in print and online, including Wired, the Financial Times, the Independent, the Times, the Sunday Telegraph, Wallpaper and the Guardian, and he is a regular speaker at conferences across the world.

David has written and presented a number of episodes of Radio 4’s flagship documentary series Analysis, made programmes for Radio 4’s Crossing Continents and reported for Radiolab from a mosquito factory in north-east Brazil.

Most recently he wrote and presented an edition of Crossing Continents about racial quotas in Brazilian universities, made an intimate and soul-searching documentary for the World Service’s Heart and Soul about LGBT Jews and Muslims fighting to stay within their faiths, and presented a special episode of BBC Radio’s In Business about mental health in the workplace.

In 2013, he interned for two months at a dive shop in Mexico and qualified as a scuba divemaster. And he likes to swim in outdoor places, even in winter.