BBC RADIO 4: From Our Own Correspondent

Companies in Amsterdam are hitting back at plastic waste

27 June 2019

5 mins

The Illusionists

Conjurors and neuroscientists are helping us understand the human brain

Wired, March 2019

BBC RADIO 4: The Brazilian Footballer Who Never Was

How one boy’s dream was cut short by the beautiful game’s ugly prejudice in Brazil.

Crossing Continents, 3 January 2019

30 mins

BBC RADIO 4: Selling Sleep

The billion-pound business sector dedicated to improving our nights under the covers.

In Business, 20 December 2018

30 mins

BBC RADIO 4: The Power of Twitter

What has been its effect on democracy?


18 December 2018

40 mins

The Wired World in 2019

Smart, informed predictions for the year ahead


Published November 2018

BBC RADIO 4: Retiring retirement

Many of us will still be working in our 80s


In Business, 16 August 2018

30 mins

Time for some constructive pessimism

We need to rethink our attitude to stuff going wrong

Vida Simples Brazil, June 2018

(originally published in Portuguese)

The Unconventionalists podcast: 100th episode (Live)

Broadcast live from White City Place, London


12 June 2018

One hour (from 26:09)

BBC RADIO 4: Shades of Jewish

Has Israel become less welcoming to African Jews?


Crossing Continents, 17 May 2018

30 mins

Vertical farms are reinventing agriculture

From dressing-free salad to tasty peaches on demand, is this the future of food?

Wired, March 2018

BBC RADIO 4: Screens and teens

Are smartphones harming our kids?


Analysis, 19 March 2018

30 mins

BBC WORLD SERVICE: The Why Factor – Noise

From the clangs and clatter of city life to weapons that use sound to harm us, noise can be a lot more dangerous than we think.


The Why Factor, 15 January 2018

Featured on Pick of the Week, 21 January 2018

22 mins


BBC RADIO 4: Black and Proud in Brazil

How racial quotas at the country's universities are challenging Brazil's self-image as a colour-blind nation


Crossing Continents, 9 January 2018

30 mins

BBC RADIO 4: Mental health and the workplace

Why can we phone in sick with flu but not with depression?


In Business, 28 December 2017

30 mins

Can we reinvent the internet?

Monopolies. Cybercrime. 'Fake news'. Even the internet's founders admit their utopian vision has failed. So, what if we could start again?

Wired,  January 2018

Emotional intelligence and technology

Why tech is threatening our inner lives

Vida Simples Brazil,  January 2018

(originally published in Portuguese)

The Wired World in 2018

Smart, informed predictions for the year ahead


Published November 2017

BBC WORLD SERVICE: The Why Factor – What do you do?

When we meet someone and ask them, "What do you do?"


The Why Factor, 11 September 2017

30 mins

BBC RADIO 4: The Briefing Room – The AI Revolution

How will artificial intelligence shape our lives?


The Briefing Room, 28 August 2017

30 mins

BBC WORLD SERVICE: The Why Factor – News

News is all around us. But why do we need it?


The Why Factor, 21 August 2017

30 mins

BBC RADIO 4: What went wrong with Brazil?

Discovering what we can learn from Brazil's roller-coaster ride of boom and bust


Analysis, 19 June 2017

30 mins

The Unconventionalists podcast: Work can be a force for good

"David Baker returns on The Unconventionalists podcast for a second time to share with us how work can be used as a force for good. A true fan favourite, David's previous episode, 'What you need to know about the future of work' is one of the most downloaded episodes of all time." Podcast host Mark Leruste


24 April 2017

1 hour 21 minutes

BBC RADIO 4: Brazil’s modern-day Captains of the Sands

Uncovering the lives of the children and adolescents who live on streets of Salvador, Brazil's third-largest city


Crossing Continents, 29 March 2017

30 mins

The Unconventionalists podcast: What you need to know about the future of work

"I was blown away by the end of our conversation. Fasten your seatbelt and get a serious dose of reality check on what's about to happen to the future of the workplace." Podcast host Mark Leruste


30 January 2017

1 hour 10 mins

BBC RADIO 4: The Male Room – Anger

What is it about men and anger?


12 December 2016

30 mins

A wiser approach to work/life balance

Forget the time management, it's all about attitude 

Vida Simples Brazil,  October 2016

(originally published in Portuguese)

BBC WORLD SERVICE: Wrestling with God

How do LGBT Jews and Muslims stay within their religions?


Heart and Soul, 16 October 2016

30 mins

BBC RADIO 4: Gentrification

Can the process of gentrification be managed?


Analysis, 10 October 2016

30 mins

BBC RADIO 4: Torah and tech in Israel

How the country's ultraorthodox Jews are becoming part of the startup nation


Crossing Continents, 12 September 2016

30 mins

Snapping prices in real time

A Silicon Valley company is improving lives in the developing world

Wired,  April 2016

My London

A personal take on the greatest city in the world             

Viagem Brazil,  June 2015

(originally published in Portuguese)

Life unplugged

Twenty-one days without the internet 

Info Exame Brazil,  March 2014

(originally published in Portuguese)