In love with the hours when it's neither one day nor the next

Superstore Wilderness Vol 1, March 2023

BBC WORLD SERVICE: On the Frontline of Brexit

Investigating the impact of the Northern Ireland Protocol on the people and businesses of the region


Assignment, 16 February 2023

27 mins

BBC WORLD SERVICE: Living in Space

Human beings will soon be living among the stars – but who will go and what will it be like?


10 December 2022

50 mins


Will computers put managers out of work?


10 November 2022

24 mins

Strangers are a good route to happiness

Little interchanges can significantly boost our well-being

Época Negócios Brazil, October 2022

(originally published in Portuguese)

POLITICO STUDIO: Can Britain become an energy exporter?

... and is it possible to go net-zero too?


28 October 2022

18 mins


How can Brazil's new president unite the country?


29 September 2022

24 mins

Gen Z can teach us to think about our mental health

Their reluctance to take up jobs should be a wake-up call for all of us in work

Época Negócios Brazil, July 2022

(originally published in Portuguese)

Self-knowledge is good for companies too

The Johari Window can throw light on how organisations are seen and see themselves

Época Negócios Brazil, August 2022

(originally published in Portuguese)

How do we know what is “true”?

Technology is challenging our ideas about fact and fiction

Época Negócios Brazil, June 2022

(originally published in Portuguese)

Let’s think again about certainty

Ambivalence is making a comeback

Época Negócios Brazil, May 2022

(originally published in Portuguese)

A different way to have meetings

A long-awaited reunion prompts new thoughts about getting together at work

Época Negócios Brazil, April 2022

(originally published in Portuguese)

Should we be happy at work?

Why happiness is underrated in the workplace

Época Negócios Brazil, March 2022

(originally published in Portuguese)

The Wired World in 2022

Smart, informed predictions for the year ahead


Published November 2021

BBC RADIO 4: Inside the Brain of Jeff Bezos

What drives the richest person in the world?


24 November 2020

40 mins

BBC RADIO 4: The March of Robots

Will COVID-19 lead to people losing their jobs to machines?


In Business, 28 August 2020

30 mins

BBC WORLD SERVICE: Is this the internet we always wanted?

Rethinking the way we run the global network

Panelist and contributor

The Real Story, 27 June 2020

1 hour

BBC RADIO 4: From Our Home Correspondent

An embarrassing incident in a wind turbine in Wales


19 January 2020

5 mins


The Unconventionalists podcast, episode 139: Vulnerability and more

Reflections on the environment, teaching, the Jewish New Year and much more


12 January 2020

1 hr 15m

BBC RADIO 4: Keeping the Lights On

The way we use electricity is changing – and so is the way we generate it


In Business, 28 November 2019

30 mins

BBC RADIO 4: A Question of Artefacts

How should museums deal with contentious legacies? 


Analysis, 14 October 2019

30 mins

BBC RADIO 4: Can Facebook Survive?

What does the future hold for the world's biggest connector of people?


6 August 2019

40 mins

BBC RADIO 4: Making an Impact

Businesses that look beyond the bottom line


In Business, 1 August 2019

30 mins

BBC RADIO 4: From Our Own Correspondent

Companies in Amsterdam are hitting back at plastic waste


27 June 2019

5 mins

The Illusionists

Conjurors and neuroscientists are helping us understand the human brain

Wired, March 2019

BBC RADIO 4: The Brazilian Footballer Who Never Was

How one boy’s dream was cut short by the beautiful game’s ugly prejudice


Crossing Continents, 3 January 2019

30 mins

BBC RADIO 4: The Power of Twitter

What has been its effect on democracy?


18 December 2018

40 mins

BBC RADIO 4: Retiring retirement

Many of us will still be working in our 80s


In Business, 16 August 2018

30 mins

BBC RADIO 4: Shades of Jewish

Has Israel become less welcoming to African Jews?


Crossing Continents, 17 May 2018

30 mins

Vertical farms are reinventing agriculture

From dressing-free salad to tasty peaches on demand, is this the future of food?

Wired, March 2018

BBC WORLD SERVICE: The Why Factor – Noise

From the clangs and clatter of city life to weapons that use sound to harm us, noise can be a lot more dangerous than we think


The Why Factor, 15 January 2018

Featured on Pick of the Week, 21 January 2018

22 mins


BBC RADIO 4: Black and Proud in Brazil

How racial quotas at the country's universities are challenging Brazil's self-image as a colour-blind nation


Crossing Continents, 9 January 2018

30 mins

BBC RADIO 4: Mental health and the workplace

Why can we phone in sick with flu but not with depression?


In Business, 28 December 2017

30 mins

Can we reinvent the internet?

Monopolies. Cybercrime. 'Fake news'. Even the internet's founders admit their utopian vision has failed. So, what if we could start again?

Wired,  January 2018

Emotional intelligence and technology

Why tech is threatening our inner lives

Vida Simples Brazil,  January 2018

(originally published in Portuguese)

BBC RADIO 4: What went wrong with Brazil?

Discovering what we can learn from Brazil's roller-coaster ride of boom and bust


Analysis, 19 June 2017

30 mins

BBC RADIO 4: Brazil’s modern-day Captains of the Sands

Uncovering the lives of the children and adolescents who live on streets of Salvador, Brazil's third-largest city


Crossing Continents, 29 March 2017

30 mins

BBC WORLD SERVICE: Wrestling with God

How do LGBT Jews and Muslims stay within their religions?


Heart and Soul, 16 October 2016

30 mins

BBC RADIO 4: Torah and tech in Israel

How the country's ultraorthodox Jews are becoming part of the startup nation


Crossing Continents, 12 September 2016

30 mins

Snapping prices in real time

A Silicon Valley company is improving lives in the developing world

Wired,  April 2016

My London

A personal take on the greatest city in the world             

Viagem Brazil,  June 2015

(originally published in Portuguese)

Life unplugged

Twenty-one days without the internet 

Info Exame Brazil,  March 2014

(originally published in Portuguese)