AI and Psychotherapy

Artificial intelligence is moving in on therapy

UKCP, June 2024


In love with the hours when it's neither one day nor the next

Superstore Wilderness Vol 1, March 2023

Strangers are a good route to happiness

Little interchanges can significantly boost our well-being

Época Negócios Brazil, October 2022

(originally published in Portuguese)

Gen Z can teach us to think about our mental health

Their reluctance to take up jobs should be a wake-up call for all of us in work

Época Negócios Brazil, July 2022

(originally published in Portuguese)

Self-knowledge is good for companies too

The Johari Window can throw light on how organisations are seen and see themselves

Época Negócios Brazil, August 2022

(originally published in Portuguese)

How do we know what is “true”?

Technology is challenging our ideas about fact and fiction

Época Negócios Brazil, June 2022

(originally published in Portuguese)

Let’s think again about certainty

Ambivalence is making a comeback

Época Negócios Brazil, May 2022

(originally published in Portuguese)

A different way to have meetings

A long-awaited reunion prompts new thoughts about getting together at work

Época Negócios Brazil, April 2022

(originally published in Portuguese)

Should we be happy at work?

Why happiness is underrated in the workplace

Época Negócios Brazil, March 2022

(originally published in Portuguese)

The Wired World in 2022

Smart, informed predictions for the year ahead


Published November 2021

The Wired World in 2021

Smart, informed predictions for the year ahead


Published November 2020

The Wired World in 2020

Smart, informed predictions for the year ahead


Published November 2019

The Wired World in 2019

Smart, informed predictions for the year ahead


Published November 2018

The Illusionists

Conjurors and neuroscientists are helping us understand the human brain

Wired, March 2019

Time for some constructive pessimism

We need to rethink our attitude to stuff going wrong

Vida Simples Brazil, June 2018

(originally published in Portuguese)

Vertical farms are reinventing agriculture

From dressing-free salad to tasty peaches on demand, is this the future of food?

Wired, March 2018

Can we reinvent the internet?

Monopolies. Cybercrime. 'Fake news'. Even the internet's founders admit their utopian vision has failed. So, what if we could start again?

Wired,  January 2018

Emotional intelligence and technology

Why tech is threatening our inner lives

Vida Simples Brazil,  January 2018

(originally published in Portuguese)

The Wired World in 2018

Smart, informed predictions for the year ahead


Published November 2017

A wiser approach to work/life balance

Forget the time management, it's all about attitude 

Vida Simples Brazil,  October 2016

(originally published in Portuguese)

Can there be too much gentrification?

Rising prices mean neighbourhoods lose their vibe

BBC Online magazine,  11 October 2016

Torah and technology

Israel's ultraorthodox Jews are getting jobs as coders

BBC Online magazine,  9 September 2016

Snapping prices in real time

A Silicon Valley company is improving lives in the developing world

Wired,  April 2016

Rediscovering the real us

OPINION: Our online life is damaging our identity             

BBC Magazine,  1 April 2016

Bragi’s in-ear assistant

A Munich company takes on Google Glass

Wired,  October 2015

My London

A personal take on the greatest city in the world             

Viagem Brazil,  June 2015

(originally published in Portuguese)

Dancing against prejudice

‘All those theories about Brazil being a country of mixing, that’s a lie’       

Financial Times magazine,  March 28 2014

Face to face: Cildo Meireles

The acclaimed Brazilian artist is still defying convention            

Financial Times,  28 March 2014

Nearly, but not quite

David Baker set off to conquer the Atlas mountains. He almost succeeded

Four Seasons magazine,  Spring 2014

Life unplugged

Twenty-one days without the internet 

Info Exame Brazil,  March 2014

(originally published in Portuguese)

Training to be a divemaster

Six years ago, an underwater panic attack ended David Baker’s love affair with diving. Could he really train to be a divemaster?        

Financial Times magazine,  February 28 2014

Pilotless planes

Why there’ll soon be no need for the man at the front              

Wired, December 2013

Everything connected

The internet of things promises to transform the world. But are we risking our privacy, security and freedom?    

Wired, July 2013

Post organic

Leontino Balbo Junior's green farming future

Wired,  August 2013

The Euro supercar

Rimac’s $1m electric car is 50 per cent faster than Tesla’s Roadster. But can it overtake its rivals?

Wired, April 2013

Take my hand

The bebionic3 has 14 different grips and is delicate enough to hold an egg        

Wired, March 2013

Meet the aural designer

Emar Vegt composes the click of a BMW’s door and tunes its engine as if it were a song

Wired, March 2013

The cab conductor: reading Hailo’s success story

Jay Bregman has launched his cab-hailing startup Hailo in nine cities — and the app is driving revenues    

Wired, February 2013

Real needs, real people

Can Silicon Valley solve Africa’s water problem? Scott Harrison is on a mission to try      

Wired, January 2013

Into the deep

We know more about space than we do about the ocean. That is about to change  

Four Seasons Magazine, January 2013

Mathemusician brings dull lessons to life

‘Maths is cool,’ says Vi Hart, ‘but it’s taught all wrong’                

Wired, October 2012

Financing a satellite by selling t-shirts

Korean artist Song Hojun is on a one-man mission to enter the space race          

Wired, June 2012

AI wants nurses to earn more than bankers

The high-paying jobs will be the ones robots can’t do                  

Wired, March 2012

Children’s programming

Meet 12-year-old app developer Puck Meerburg                        

Wired, February 2012

Hackfest by the sea

Israel’s GeekCon is the irreverent tech meetup that emphasises fun and games. Wired went to join in  

Wired, December 2011

Wired’s tech cities: Tel Aviv

Israel’s technology exports hit $28.5 billion in 2010. Here is the next wave of businesses to watch  

Wired, September 2011

Mozilla vs King Corporate

Firefox’s open-source evangelists take up arms in a battle of the browsers            

Wired, May 2010

The chocolate scientists

The founder of Wired and a former Space Shuttle coder are reverse-engineering chocolate to make the perfect bar  

Wired, February 2010

Impatience, Grasshopper

The inventor of the Corpus Clock is in a hurry to get on with other projects    

Wired, October 2009

Take me off the shelf

A new library lets readers borrow people for a chat. David Baker is a book for a day

The Times, 22 April 2008

The unkindest cut of all?

Critics say that male circumcision is unnecessary and barbaric. Advocates claim it has many benefits  

The Times, 24 March 2008

Corporate communes

In the 1960s they shared Marxism, meals and love. Today’s communards are more likely to be sharing profits

Financial Times, 7 July 2007

Where hunger throws a harsh light on indulgence

David Baker is taught an unexpected lesson at the easternmost point of the Americas           

Financial Times, 25 November 2006

‘I wouldn’t say I was a believer’

Despite a dispiriting experience as a nun, Karen Armstrong is happy to think deeply about God  

Financial Times, 7 October 2006

When life keeps getting louder

Police sirens, thumping music, loud neighbours – noise is no longer ‘the forgotten pollutant’        

Financial Times, 19 August 2006

Land of my fathers

It took David Baker 40 years to get to Israel, but there he finally found peace  

Financial Times, 1 April 2006

Sins of immersion

Olympic Man, Floral Woman and unwashed bodies all help to fuel lane rage at the swimming pool

Financial Times, 17 September 2005

Full moon by the sea

For centuries, Hoi An has been a well-loved jewel of Vietnam          

Financial Times, 17 September 2005

Two wheels good

Bicycles are cheap, healthy and good for the environment. So why do so many motorists hate them?

Financial Times, 20 November 2004

Scallops in the morning

After Enrica Rocca’s Borough Market Day, shopping, cooking and eating will never be the same    

Financial Times, 4 September 2004

Wheel of fortune

The science of theme parks: forget end-of-the-pier distractions, the modern amusement ride is a hi-tech thrill laboratory   

Hot Air, September 2001

The Russian ee! (and ow! and ouch! and arghh!) rooms

New Yorkers are finding Russian reinvigoration – with a brain-frying, muscle-twisting detox session on E 10th Street  

High Life, September 2001

‘A pebble on the beach of history’

How Iranians see their part in Persia’s 2,500-year story               

Financial Times, 30 September 2000

Riddle of the sands

No sex. No drugs. No flesh. No alcohol. Why would anyone want to holiday in Iran?       

Arena, September 2000

Death on the road

How life can change in an instant                        

Arena, August 1999