Rediscovering the real us

OPINION: Our online life is damaging our identity             

BBC Magazine,  1 April 2016

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Bragi’s in-ear assistant

A Munich company takes on Google Glass

Wired,  October 2015

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My London

A personal take on the greatest city in the world             

Viagem Brazil,  June 2015

(originally published in Portuguese)

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Dancing against prejudice

‘All those theories about Brazil being a country of mixing, that’s a lie’       

Financial Times magazine,  March 28 2014

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Face to face: Cildo Meireles

The acclaimed Brazilian artist is still defying convention            

Financial Times,  28 March 2014

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Nearly, but not quite

David Baker set off to conquer the Atlas mountains. He almost succeeded

Four Seasons magazine,  Spring 2014

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Life unplugged

Twenty-one days without the internet 

Info Exame Brazil,  March 2014

(originally published in Portuguese)

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Training to be a divemaster

Six years ago, an underwater panic attack ended David Baker’s love affair with diving. Could he really train to be a divemaster?        

Financial Times magazine,  February 28 2014

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Pilotless planes

Why there'll soon be no need for the man at the front               Wired, December 2013 A black and red twin-propped Jetstream 31, registration G-BWWW, sits at BAE Systems' private airfield at Warton, near Preston. It has seen better days: originally used by a Scottish distillery to ferry

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Everything connected

The internet of things promises to transform the world. But are we risking our privacy, security and freedom?     Wired, July 2013 Last year when Sydney-resident Evan Predavec, former MD of Lexis Asia-Pacific, went on holiday to New Zealand, he decided to appoint someone to keep an eye on his house: himself. Using hardware

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