Mathemusician brings dull lessons to life

'Maths is cool,' says Vi Hart, 'but it's taught all wrong'                 Wired, October 2012 Anyone logging on to Vi Hart's blog of quirky maths-related videos must feel they are far away from long, dull afternoons of trigonometry. "Maths is just cool," says the 24-year-old "mathemusician", a

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Financing a satellite by selling t-shirts

Korean artist Song Hojun is on a one-man mission to enter the space race           Wired, June 2012 On 31 August, Korean artist Song Hojun plans to launch a tiny satellite from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. The 10cm3 shiny metal cube has as its payload four bright white LEDs

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AI wants nurses to earn more than bankers

The high-paying jobs will be the ones robots can't do                   Wired, March 2012 You have probably by now read Race Against The Machine by MIT researchers Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee. Their vision -- that, in the near future, computers will have taken over most of our jobs

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Children’s programming

Meet 12-year-old app developer Puck Meerburg                         Wired, February 2012 Twelve-year-old Puck Meerburg (above) from Delft, Holland, is an app developer. Since 2010 he has published seven apps for the iPhone and iPad, including a guide for the Netherlands' oldest museum, the Teylers in Haarlem. "My dad had got an

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Hackfest by the sea

Israel's GeekCon is the irreverent tech meetup that emphasises fun and games. Wired went to join in   Wired, December 2011 In 2004, three Israeli technology entrepreneurs -- Ilan Graicer, then 36, Eden Shochat, 27, and Nimrod Lehavi, 29 -- left the country's annual tech conference, Kinnernet, and decided they couldn't wait 12 months

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Wired’s tech cities: Tel Aviv

Israel's technology exports hit $28.5 billion in 2010. Here is the next wave of businesses to watch   Wired, September 2011 At the eastern edge of the Mediterranean, stretching 180 kilometres from Haifa in the north to the outskirts of Jerusalem, runs Israel's "Silicon Wadi". Centred on Tel Aviv, the strip has produced so

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Mozilla vs King Corporate

Firefox's open-source evangelists take up arms in a battle of the browsers             Wired, May 2010 Between now and late may, 100 million citizens across Europe will boot up their Windows XP and Vista PCs to confront an unfamiliar screen. The "choice screen", as it's officially known, will achieve

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The chocolate scientists

The founder of Wired and a former Space Shuttle coder are reverse-engineering chocolate to make the perfect bar   Wired, February 2010 It's 4am, and in a silent warehouse on San Francisco's dockside a light goes on and a wall-mounted webcam casts its eye around a cluttered room. To the right there's a desk with

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Impatience, Grasshopper

The inventor of the Corpus Clock is in a hurry to get on with other projects     Wired, October 2009 By the time you read this, the time-eating grasshopper on top of John Taylor’s Corpus Clock in Cambridge will have notched up 31,536,000 shuffles of its Grade 316 stainless-steel feet. Now celebrating its

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Take me off the shelf

A new library lets readers borrow people for a chat. David Baker is a book for a day The Times, 22 April 2008 It was like the school disco all over again. As some unexpected spring sunshine brightened up the Finchley Road last Sunday lunchtime, 15 of us were waiting nervously in a room in

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