Training to be a divemaster

Six years ago, an underwater panic attack ended David Baker’s love affair with diving. Could he really train to be a divemaster?        

Financial Times magazine,  February 28 2014

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Pilotless planes

Why there'll soon be no need for the man at the front               Wired, December 2013 A black and red twin-propped Jetstream 31, registration G-BWWW, sits at BAE Systems' private airfield at Warton, near Preston. It has seen better days: originally used by a Scottish distillery to ferry

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Everything connected

The internet of things promises to transform the world. But are we risking our privacy, security and freedom?     Wired, July 2013 Last year when Sydney-resident Evan Predavec, former MD of Lexis Asia-Pacific, went on holiday to New Zealand, he decided to appoint someone to keep an eye on his house: himself. Using hardware

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Post organic

Leontino Balbo Junior's green farming future

Wired,  August 2013

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The Euro supercar

Rimac's $1m electric car is 50 per cent faster than Tesla's Roadster. But can it overtake its rivals? Wired, April 2013 Croatian entrepreneur Mate Rimac, 25, is sitting behind the wheel of the Rimac Concept_One, a prototype electric sports car he has designed and built -- and with which he hopes to take on

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Take my hand

The bebionic3 has 14 different grips and is delicate enough to hold an egg         Wired, March 2013 Nigel Ackland can open beer bottles, pour drinks into a glass and delicately crack eggs into mixing bowls. So far, so normal. But the former precious metals smelter, who lost his right arm

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Meet the aural designer

Emar Vegt composes the click of a BMW's door and tunes its engine as if it were a song Wired, March 2013 Not everybody wonders what a BMW sounds like. But it's a question that occupies Emar Vegt, an aural designer at the company's head office in Munich, where he designs the sounds that

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The cab conductor: reading Hailo’s success story

Jay Bregman has launched his cab-hailing startup Hailo in nine cities -- and the app is driving revenues     Wired, February 2013 If you've ever tried to hail a taxi in a big city, you'll probably be familiar with the system of hopeful kerbside gesticulation -- and its typically low success rate. It's this urban

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Real needs, real people

Can Silicon Valley solve Africa's water problem? Scott Harrison is on a mission to try       Wired, January 2013 Scott Harrison, the founder and president of charity:water, has stolen away from an official reception for a new water project his organisation has funded in Kisaro in northern Rwanda. As happens almost everywhere

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Into the deep

We know more about space than we do about the ocean. That is about to change   Four Seasons Magazine, January 2013 On March 26 last year, about 320 kilometres southwest of Guam in the western Pacific, James Cameron, filmmaker, entrepreneur and now deep-sea diver, squeezed into the pilot sphere of the Deepsea Challenger—a US$8

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